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The remnants of the Kyz-Kooleh tower, X-XI century.

View of the nothern end of Eskee-Kehrmen from the neighbouring plateau on which the Kyz-Kooleh tower is located.

One of the cavern abodes on the eastern edge of the plateau.

Remnants of a cavern temple near the southern gateway.

View from the western edge of Eskee-Kehrmen toward the Kyz-Kooleh tower.

Western edge of Eskee-Kehrmen.

In a cave.

Stairway at the nothern end.

Remnants of buildins, caves, and stairways at the eastern gateway.

One of the 'multistorey' caves.

Temple of The Three Horsemen. It is placed on the eastern slope and is passed by on way down from the southern gateway.

Fresco in the Temple of the Three Horsemen.

View to the south-west.

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