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Church of the Ascension, 1913.

A small temple in the central park.

The Round Yard, 1749. A castle by its appearance, but really it used to be a serf theater and circus. Box-seats for spectators were inside, along the oval walls, and the towers were the actors' abodes.

The Round Yard. A tower and a part of the main entrance.

Palace (manor house), back view. Originally built in XVIII century, but the middle part was rebuilt in the second half of XIX century. In 1864, P. I. Chaikovsky has written his first symphonic opus here.

Decorations on the main facade of the palace.

Neskuchnoye is a lanscape park founded in XIX century.

Neskuchnoye Park surrounds a chain of ponds.

House of the park manager, 1911.

Neskuchnoye Park.

Neskuchnoye Park.

The Grotto of Nymphs, 1809. Built to honour the 100th anniversary of the Poltava battle. Now it is almost ruined.

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