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Finally, some new photos are added. Frogs.

"Autumn leaves" are updated.

Photographs from Adygheya.

"Animals' Portraits".

"Landscapes" is added, "Botanics" and "Made at home" are revised.

Photographs of Lvov city.

English version is started.

A few years ago, in order to show somebody my photographs, I had to print them. Then, I could show these pictures to my friends and relatives. These pictures were kept in small photo albums. In each album, the pictures had either a common subject, or were made at the same site. Now, my digital photoalbum is online, and people wishing to see my photos can do it without meeting me personally.

Sergiy Sosnytskiy,


They appeared to be quite patient models :)


"Scientific" caption hides absolutely unscientific content. I call it so just because the main subjects of these pictures are plants.


Ladscape and nature photographs from my trip to autonomy republic Adygheya, Russia.

Autumn leaves

These could be put to 'Botanics', but the seasonal colourfulness just screams to place it in a dedicated chapter.

Architectural heritage of Kharkov region

Here you can find photographs showing remnants of old manor houses and temples located around Kharkov, Ukraine.

Buildings of Kharkov

Making your mind about Kharkov architecture, please, don't base it on this page only. The buildings on these pictures are neither famous nor they are representative. These are just the buildings that suddenly caught my eye when I was passing them (after having passed them hundreds times in past).

Lvov city

These are the photographs from my trip to Lvov. Lvov (Lviv) is a big city on the west of Ukraine. Its numerous architectural sites made it famous among tourists, and it is one of the UNESCO's world heritage sites.

My trip there was during winter, so the photographs are not as good as I wished them to be, and only a few buildings are represented.

Museum of architecture in Lviv, Ukraine

After visiting Lviv, my brightest impressions were connected with the museum of architecture and etnography. Lviv is so famous for its architectural heritage that I was quite prepaired for its old houses, temples, and monasteries. But the collection of wooden buildings was something I did not expect, that is why they struck me deeper than stone wonders.

The museum is located in a picturesque park - a nice place to have a walk even if there would not be any exhibits. And there's A LOT of exhibits. Many of them are open, so you can see their interrior too. If, during your visit to Lviv, you ever feel yourself tired of the narrow streets overloaded with traffic, take a rest at the museum of traditional architecture and etnography.

Trostyanets, Sumi region, Ukraine

For a small town, Trostynets has unexpectadly many sights. The main one (and the oldest one) is, of course, Round Yard. Right beside it, there are a palace (a manor house) and temples. And, on the outskirts, there is a lanscape park Neskuchnoye with the Grotto of Nimphs.

Kharkov sand-dunes

This place is shown on topographic maps as "hilled sands". For us, Kharkovites, it is quite exotic, for most of our landscapes are either fields or forests.


Eskee-Kehrmen is one of the so-called Crimean cavern towns. In fact, these are the remnants of a fortified medieval town. It's true name is forgotten now, Eskee-Kehrmen is a name given by tatars when the town was actually ruined.


Those variable cracking things under our feet can give us examples of most optical phenomena: reflection, refraction, polarization... I hope this did not make you think that this page is scientific.


Technically, hoar-frost is ice. It just appeares when freezing water is not liquid but gaseous. But it looks absolutely different! So I could not leave this prickly-fluffy stuff without its own page.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is said to be one of the most bright sights in Croatia. Its main attraction is Old City, consisting of buildings whose age is numbered by centuries. Surrounded with a high rampart, the Old City is a kind of a large museum, although some of its buildings still have their dwellers.


Some people find these photographs interesing, but when I have some praises for this stuff, I'm usually surprised.


I am neither a diver, nor an underwater camera owner, therefore my view upon sea is quite superficial. :)

Made at home

Sometimes, weather prevents me from going out to make some pictures. Even more often I do not have time for that. But, when I'm lucky, some pictures are made indoors.


Most of these images were taken within the limits of Kharkov region. I certainly should go farther more often, although even a day trip in the neighbourhood sometimes gives a lot of bright impressions.

Animals' Portraits

Made at the nearest zoo.

Kizhi island, Onego lake, Russia

Island Kizhi is a place where many examples of traditional northern russian wooden architecture are gathered. Most of the exhibits were originally built elsewhere. There they were disassembled and then were brougth in pieces to the island to be assembled again.


Being neither plants, nor animals, musrooms are very weird creatures. Their shapes are, probably, more diversed than shapes of any other living creatures (well, at least this is true above sea level). Among the people who had seen these pictures, the most frequent question was "this one is surely poisonous, why did you photograph it?!"


Here I would really love to present some photographs of excavated monsters. Well, even a crocodile would be nice. But so far, unfortunately, I can only show you lizards and grass-snakes.


These pictures are quite old. Shooting butterflies (and other animals) takes much time, while I am recently more and more interested in other subjects.

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